Hur fungerar faktureringen? has a few different billing options for our premium plans. Read more about how to use for free.

Billing of the Premium, Trial and Monthly subscription options

Start using our premium features by upgrading to a 7-day trial for $2.95. The trial version gives you access to all our premium features for 7 days. If during these 7 days you choose to cancel your monthly subscription, you will not be billed for a monthly plan.If your trial is still active after 7 days and you do not cancel, your monthly premium subscription will automatically activate and you will be charged $24.95 every 4 weeks. Betalningen kommer att visas på ditt bank-/kortutdrag som: RESUME.IO

6-month and annual subscriptions

If you upgrade to a 6-month or annual premium subscription, you'll get up to 75% off and access to premium features throughout your membership. After 6 or 12 months, if you don't renew your plan, your account will automatically downgrade to a free plan, so you don't have to worry about canceling your account. You can always upgrade at any time.

One-off payments

Depending on which country you live in, we also offer one-off payments. This means that you can download your CV without having a time-bound subscription. One-off payments do not automatically renew. If you do not have a fixed subscription, you do not need to cancel your payment.

Currency conversions

Our trial and premium memberships are priced and billed in US dollars. Depending on where you live, this may mean that your credit card automatically converts our price and charges the account in your local currency. We do not control how credit card companies convert currencies or charge accounts. If you have any questions regarding price or currency, please feel free to contact us.How to edit billing settingsManage your invoicing settings directly from the app in Log in and click on Account at the top right. On the first page, you can cancel your subscription, delete your account or check what type of plan you have. Read about how to cancel your account.

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